About New Jersey Waterjet


Built from the ground up, New Jersey Waterjet is a company based on cutting-edge performance and technology, specializing in CNC waterjet cutting services.

We are an innovative company that is committed to efficiency, consistency, and innovative engineering processes.

What We Do

We specialize in cutting knife blanks for custom makers and massive companies alike, and with our cutting-edge technology, it’s easy to see why we’re a leading name in the knife blank industry.

High-Performance, Low Cost

With our high-performance technology, it’s easy to see why we affect so many different industries, from the biggest parts of the project down to the finest details.

Our History

Founded in 2011, New Jersey Waterjet was born from a set of core ideas that fuel the way we do business. With decades of experience utilzing highly skilled machinists, our goal is to help other companies using efficiency and powerful technology.

New Jersey Waterjet Cutting Facility
Owner-operator Larry Price
at the Union County, New Jersey Waterjet Cutting Facility

Conveniently Located In New Jersey

Minutes from New York and Connecticut

Businesses throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut enjoy the convenience and savings with New Jersey Waterjet's high-performance, high-quality waterjet cutting service.

Better. Faster. More Economical.

When you need fast, dependable turnaround for reasonably priced waterjet cutting services, trust New Jersey Waterjet, the waterjet company depended on by businesses across all industries.

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