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Value Added Services

What Type of Value added Services Can Be Ordered along with Waterjet Cutting Services?

Clients planning to use waterjet cutting services can take advantage of other value added services. These services are related to waterjet cutting works. When a company plans to use metal cutting services using ultrahigh pressure waterjet then the process generally starts with CAD drawing. Some works like welding and chrome plating may not be directly related to the cutting work but the end product may require use of these services. It can be difficult to search and find the right companies for all these services one by one. Now there is an easy solution to this problem. All these value added services related to waterjet cutting works are available from the same company.

Heat Treatment

The characteristics of alloys and metals are changed in this process. A metal after this treatment becomes suitable for a particular type of application. Heat treatment can enhance mechanical properties of metals in terms of toughness, ductility, hardness, strength and wear resistance. It improves the yield strength and tensile mechanical properties of the metal.

Chrome Plating

It is also known as chroming, chrome dipping, and chrome electroplating. There is hard engineering chrome plating where heavy chrome coating is applied. The chrome plated object has better resistance to wear and tear. It is referred as hard chrome plating not because of its hardness but because of its thickness. Another form of chrome plating is known as decorative chrome plating. It is also known as nickel chrome plating because generally nickel plating is applied before chrome plating. The purpose is to achieve resistance to corrosion, smooth surface and reflectivity.


It may seem a simple service but when a company needs industrial grade welding then using the right welding service company becomes important. Welding must be done according to specific requirements and it must stand up to the high standards expected in industrial grade applications. These value added services can be availed now.

CAD File Creation

Drafting a design on paper and converting it into digital CAD data is a complex task. It requires maintaining high precision. Only people well trained in this process can handle the job well. The company providing CAD file conversion services should be aware of standards currently prevalent in a particular industry. The digital file of the drawing must maintain the layers, colors, drawing borders and title blocks as specified. Each file must have the highest accuracy and quality.

All these value added services can be ordered now along with waterjet cutting services. It removes a big headache off the mind of the project planner and helps reduce the total project cost when multiple services can be ordered through the same company.