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Precision Abrasive WaterJet Cutting

Everything that we use each day is made up of smaller parts. Our water jet machine is capable of precision cutting a multitude of materials into parts for your project, including computer parts, bicycle parts, motorcycle gears, aircraft parts and so much more.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting uses an extremely high velocity stream of water that can cut almost any material.

The advantages of water jet cutting is the elimination of material distortion and degradation that can occur with die or laser cutting, giving your project a smooth, satin-like finish, similar to the results of a fine sandblasting. There are no areas affected by heat or structural changes to materials. Abrasive waterjets can also machine hardened metals and materials with low melting points. Sawing, gear cutting, punching, slitting, spline cutting are just a few of the wide range of conventional processes that can be performed, with extremely high levels of precision.

Common applications of abrasive waterjet cutting:

Water jet cutting can be done from CAD drawings, DXF files or customer drawings or sketches.

With New Jersey WaterJet, your products and parts can be made using a wide variety of materials, including:

Softer materials are cut just using water, while harder materials are cut using a mixture of water and fine grains of abrasive garnet.  Due to it’s porous nature, wood is usually not a good material for waterjet cutting.  Many fabrics are also problematic, as the fibers move from the cutting scream and cause poor cuts.

The density and hardness of the material determines how thick a waterjet can cut.  In some applications, we’ve seen material as thick as 8” cut, though typical applications range from 18g to 2” thick.

We offer exemplary quality and on-time delivery of your parts and products, helping your company meet your deadlines. We take a great pride in each of our projects, and it’s evident in our work.  Our relationships with our clients are cherished, and we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding deadlines, providing an affordable price, and building a great working partnership.  New Jersey Waterjet offers the best precision waterjet cutting services on the east coast.