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“New Jersey Waterjet, Helping you fill in the blanks!

Below are the steps, process & Questions to ask to get your knife
blanks cut. You can complete the form with your
information to New Jersey Waterjet below. “If you suspect that your file has not been sent, than please email the file to”

  1. Do you have CAD drawings? If not we can create one for you from either a high quality drawing or high quality physical template.

  2. Do you have a dimensioned drawing? If not, at least one or two dimensions so we can scale your blank correctly.

  3. Quantity of knives?

  4. Thickness of material?

  5.  Type of material?

We accept drop shipped material from all steel suppliers. Just confirm that your contact info is included on the packing slip.

File Upload:

New Jersey Waterjet Knife Cutting

In the knife industry, speed and efficiency is everything when it comes to producing a successful, mass produced quality knife.

New Jersey Waterjet Knife Cutting

Fortunately, we specialize in cutting knife blanks that improve the speed of production.

New Jersey Waterjet Knife Cutting

Reach out to us today and learn more about how having pre-cut knife blanks can revolutionize the way your business works.

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